Testosterone Therapy Lawsuit Attorneys

Testosterone replacement drugs hold the promise of greater energy, sexual vitality and physical strength. However, evidence is accumulating that these so-called Low T medications increase the likelihood of stroke, heart attack and death. One study conducted by the American Medical Association showed that men who took testosterone drugs had a 30 percent greater chance of suffering a stroke, heart attack or death than men who did not take those drugs.

Some of the most frequently prescribed Low T drugs include:

  • AndroGel
  • Axiron
  • Bio-T-Gel
  • Delatestryl
  • Depo-Testosterone
  • Fortesta
  • Striant
  • Testim

If you took a testosterone replacement drug and subsequently suffered stroke or heart attack, or if a loved one died after using a Low T drug, you may have the right to claim compensation. You should review your case with an experienced drug litigation attorney as soon as possible.

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At Reed & Terry, L.L.P., we vigorously represent people who have suffered harm from defective medications, including testosterone replacement drugs. Our attorneys have the medical resources and advocacy skills needed to successfully pursue drug litigation. When we represent you, our goal will be to win your case.

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Reed & Terry, L.L.P., represents clients throughout Texas and across the nation. If you or a loved one has been harmed by using a testosterone therapy medication, we will work diligently to build a strong and successful case for you. If successful, you may be eligible for compensation for your medical costs, lost income, pain and suffering, and other economic and noneconomic losses.

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