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Brain Injury Archives

Discovery may lead to blood test for brain injuries

Researchers at the University of Rochester Medical Center recently announced a discovery that may lead to the creation of a simple blood test that would help physicians diagnose whether a patient has suffered a traumatic brain injury. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is currently considering whether to support the development of a simple test for these kinds of injuries. Currently, no such test exists.

Texas teen suffers brain injury after using synthetic marijuana

A Texas family is urging others to beware of synthetic marijuana after their teenage daughter suffered a severe brain injury. Back in December, their daughter began to exhibit strange behavior and complained of a severe migraine. The family called for medical help, but she took a turn for the worse and was transported to another hospital after suffering from several massive strokes. Although the teen is still alive, the brain injury could still cut her life short.

New study may help Texas residents suffering from a brain injury

Recent research shows that MRIs may be more adept at detecting the presence of a brain injury than CT scans. When a Texas patient receives treatment for such an injury in the emergency room, CT scans are the standard technology used to evaluate the extent of the problem. However, over 100 patients suffering from a mild brain injury initially received the scans when they were admitted to the hospital, but then underwent MRIs approximately one week later. The results revealed 99 of the patients showed no signs of a brain injury when they underwent a CT scan. Once they underwent the MRI testing, 27 of those patients showed signs of microscopic brain bleeding.

Brain injury lawsuit: NFL and Texas helmet maker negligent?

Texas football fans may be familiar with the ongoing lawsuit against the NFL for allegedly failing to warn their players about the potential of a head injury. We previously wrote about the lawsuit on Dec. 24, 2011 ("Retired NFL players file brain injury complaint"). The plaintiffs have finally responded to a defense motion asking that the case be thrown out because the ex-players are purportedly 'pre-empted by the collective bargaining agreement.' The players in this lawsuit claim the NFL failed to protect their health or warn them about the long-term consequences or dangers of a brain injury.

Brain injury: Teen gets huge settlement after metal bat accident

Texas residents may be interested in a recent story of a teenager whose family accepted a multi-million-dollar settlement in a lawsuit filed after the boy was severely injured by a metal baseball bat. The teen sustained a brain injury during a baseball game in 2006. He was hit in the chest by a ball that had been hit by a batter using a Louisville Slugger metal bat.

Texas couple sue hospital for daughter's brain injury

A Texas couple is suing an out-of-state hospital for allegedly causing a brain injury in their infant daughter. The couple has cited hospital negligence in their lawsuit and claims that they failed to properly monitor the woman during her labor, failed to provide the woman qualified medical staff and also were negligent in failing to properly determine findings on the fetal heart monitor tracings in a timely manner. After the birth, it was found the infant suffered a brain injury and was taken to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

Brain injury study offers hope to those affected

The effects of a brain injury can be traumatic and long-reaching. It potentially affects all functions of the body and can lower the quality of life for those suffering an injury. In an effort to further research brain injury and the effects it has on the human body, the Moody Foundation of Galveston is pledging $9 million to the University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB).

Side Effects of a Traumatic Brain Injury on Texas Families

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) can be difficult to detect and all too often overlooked in individuals who suffer head trauma. A blow to the head during a motor vehicle accident or a bicycle-car collision can cause serious injury with long-term consequences, not only for the victim, but for his or her family as well.

Retired NFL players file brain injury complaint

Football fans in Texas may be interested to learn that three former professional football players have filed a complained against the National Football League. The retired players, who have played on teams all across the country, are suing for personal injury damages as well as to establish a program for monitoring brain injuries. Claims like these were filed earlier this year in federal court in Philadelphia and in state court in Los Angeles.


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