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Texans ranked the 4th worst in the US for tickets, DWI and wrecks

If you just read that headline and thought, “only fourth?” you’re not alone. Drivers from various states have earned the dubious title of worst in the nation over the years. This one, however, is based on data from a website where drivers nationwide can compare auto insurance rates. Sine drivers are constantly entering information into the website’s database about their driving habits, recent citations, DWI arrests and other risk factors, the website offers an unusually full picture of driver behavior across the U.S.

Study: week before Christmas riskiest for drunk driving wrecks

"People at this time of year are anxious to get their shopping done, and they may be frustrated, and other people can aggravate them," says a researcher from the University of Alabama, who just completed an analysis of the distribution of traffic accidents near holidays. As we discussed on this blog in July, holidays are active times for drunk drivers, which tragically means that many families are forced to associate the holiday season with the death of a loved one.

Yes, parents have a real impact on preventing teen drunk driving

Of all the factors at play in the car accident rate among teen drivers, parental involvement is by far the most important, according to the Governors Highway Safety Association, or GHSA. For parents who discount such statements as nonsense meant to make them feel good, here’s one statistic that may change your mind: when supportive parents set driving rules and monitor their kids’ behavior, teen drivers are 71 percent less likely to drive drunk.

Drivers of both cars and trucks can do more to prevent accidents

If you’ve ever witnessed a wreck between a large truck and a passenger car, you know these accidents can be catastrophic. A fully loaded tractor-trailer can weigh up to 80,000 pounds, and that weight increases the momentum of the crash. We all want to prevent auto-truck accidents, yet an average of 500,000 of them happen every year -- including 5,000 fatalities.

Women increasingly the drivers in DWIs, drunk driving accidents

A collection of statistics from the FBI, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Traffic Injury Research Foundation are pointing to a growing trend of drunk driving among women. While the rate of men arrested for DWI and DUI has been declining nationwide since 1995, the research found that the rate for women is rising at the same time. In fact, the latest statistics from the FBI show that women accounted for nearly a quarter of all drunk driving arrests in 2011 -- a dramatic rise since the early 80s, when women only made up 10 percent of those arrests.

Reminder: Texas move-over law, other traffic changes begin Sunday

Starting on Sunday, Sept. 1, a number of new laws meant to reduce and require more assistance after car accidents will go into effect. The Texas legislature just expanded our “Move Over/Slow Down” law to include Department of Transportation vehicles in addition to police, fire and emergency vehicles and tow trucks, which were already covered.

Ready for school? Tips for avoiding car accidents involving kids

It’s about that time of year again. Here in Texas and across the United States, kids are about to start walking, biking and riding buses to school. Whether your mourn the end of summer or are excited about fall, you may need a refresher course yourself on avoiding motor vehicle accidents involving children.

Appeals court upholds new rule on truck drivers' hours of service

How many hours could you drive before you became so drowsy you couldn’t drive safely? How many hours before you would actually fall asleep at the wheel? What if you were driving a 80,000-pound truck?

Brake failure may be the cause of Houston-bound bus fire in June

On June 8, a passenger bus headed for Houston from South Florida suddenly burst into flames in Baton Rouge. The fire was completely unexpected, catching many passengers asleep with no warning of any potential hazard. It was also massive, destroying the entire bus and all of the passengers' personal property. It was extremely fortunate that no one was seriously injured.

Sugar Land police working hard to keep roads safe this holiday

Every year, sadly, hundreds of thousands of drunk drivers hit the roads of America. At certain times of the year numbers of motorists driving while intoxicated or under the influence, usually corresponding to a traditionally alcohol-laden holiday or event. Of course, drunk driving accidents certainly don't just take place during holiday weeks, but there are times of the year that it is statistically more likely for more drunk drivers to be on the roads. One of the most active times for drunk drivers is the time before, during and after Independence Day.  


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