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Car Accident Lawyer Sugar Land, TX

Car accidents can have far-reaching consequences that affect you and your loved ones for the rest of your lives.

The personal injury lawyers of Reed & Terry, LLP offer free consultations for auto accident victims and their families.

Our Sugar Land, TX, car accident attorneys will help you seek damages to cover medical bills, lost wages, property damage and other losses.

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Speak with our car accident lawyers free of charge and learn more about your legal options. Attorneys Jackson R. Reed and Travis B. Terry are ready to listen. Send our law firm a message or give us a call.

If You Need Anything, We've Got You Our Car Accident Lawyers Put Your Needs First

Stephen, a self-employed truck driver, was involved in a collision that kept him from working. Our car accident lawyers helped cover his medical bills during this difficult period. This allowed Stephen to focus on recuperation and returning to work while his legal case unfolded. The attorneys of Reed & Terry, LLP are proud to support the people of Sugar Land, TX, in their time of need.

Our Mission

“Our attorneys can help you build the case you need to secure the compensation that can help you begin to put your life back as it was before your accident.”

You Pay Us Nothing Up Front Attorney Fees Only If Your Case Is Successful

Car accidents can leave you in debt and affect your ability to earn a living. Our personal injury lawyers reduce the financial burden of getting quality legal representation after a car crash.

Free Consultations

Some law firms charge people a fee just to speak with an attorney about their accident. Not us. Initial consultations with Reed & Terry, LLP are complimentary. You can discuss the details of your car accident without any financial pressure, obligation or fear of judgment. For no cost, our attorneys can offer you insight into your legal options.

Contingency Fee Basis

You don't have to pay a retainer fee for our legal services. If our car accident lawyers take your case, you will not pay attorney fees unless we negotiate an acceptable settlement or recover damages in a civil trial. Should you need help with medical expenses or other bills related to your crash, our law firm can offer assistance to minimize financial hardships.

Speak With Our Car Accident Lawyers Pay Zero Legal Fees, No Obligation

The team at Reed & Terry, LLP will thoroughly investigate all aspects of your auto accident case. Working with a car accident reconstruction expert, we will determine how the crash happened. This allows us to establish the liability of the responsible party so that we can hold them accountable for their actions.

Our attorneys will determine the value of your case and seek damages for medical treatment, pain and suffering, lost income and more.

To learn more about your legal options after a serious car accident, send us a message or give us a call.

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Attorneys Jackson R. Reed and Travis B. Terry
Attorneys Jackson R. Reed and Travis B. Terry serve car accident clients in the greater Houston and Austin area.

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Nuestros abogados también ayudan a clientes que hablan español. Por favor visite nuestro sitio en español para aprender más sobre nuestros servicios.

"I received everything I could ask for and more." Helping People All Over Texas with Their Personal Injury Cases


Soo Leong Liu


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I called for a free consultation and after answering some questions about the case, I was transferred to Mr. Jack Reed. He listened to my situation and gave me an overview from his perspective. He then began breaking down the facts and was able to suggest an option I had not considered. I am grateful for the information. I was also impressed that he was so nice and "Texas friendly" about his legal expertise.

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Traci Garcia


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This office is amazing! The staff is very friendly and thorough. I really feel I received everything I could ask for and more. The determination and drive truly shows they offer the highest professional advice.

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Every Year Car Accidents Cause
Hundreds of Thousands of Injuries

In 2020, 205,498 people in Texas were injured in auto accidents. Of that number, 14,656 were serious injuries.

What Should I Do Following a Car Accident?

What you do after a crash can affect the outcome of your case. Certain actions need to be taken immediately or avoided in order to help ensure you have a solid case. Here are some simple steps you can take after a car accident:
Man documenting car accident

Document the Car Accident

Use your phone to take video and detailed pictures of the vehicles and location so you have a record of the car accident and its aftermath. Gather the names and contact information from the other driver and any witnesses to the crash. Wait for law enforcement to arrive so a police report about the incident can be filed. All of this documentation can be used to build your case.

Doctor bandaging patient's hand

Seek Medical Attention

Many people are reluctant to report aches and pains after a crash because they believe the pain will simply go away on its own. In reality, soft tissue injuries can start with minor symptoms, developing into serious and lasting issues. No matter how minor your injuries, seek medical attention following your car accident. Tell your doctor about any issues you've experienced so you can get the medical care you need and have it documented.

Man holding in neck looking at phone after car crash

Avoid Speaking to the Insurance Company

Insurance companies are in the business of collecting premiums, not paying claims. Employees are trained to gather information that will help them deny or minimize compensation. Representatives will act like they're on your side to get matters settled quickly. Speaking to the insurance company may hurt your ability to be fairly compensated.

Reed & Terry, LLP office exterior

Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer

Speaking with a personal injury attorney will give you a better assessment of your case and what it's worth. During a free, no-obligation consultation with the car accident lawyers of Reed & Terry, LLP, you will receive a careful consideration of the collision. Our law firm in Sugar Land stands with accident victims and their loved ones. Our lawyers can give you insight into your injury claim and further legal options.

Statute of Limitations File Your Case ASAP


In the state of Texas, you have two years to file a personal injury claim after a car accident. Failure to do so within that timeframe means you can no longer seek legal damages. It's important that you contact our Sugar Land, TX, law office as soon as possible to discuss your collision.

More Satisfied Client Reviews "I felt like a valued client instead of just a number."


Luke Prentiss


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Reed and Terry were extremely professional and kept us informed and educated during our entire case so we always knew what to expect next and a time frame for every step. I felt like a valued client instead of just a number. I highly recommend to anyone who wants to be treated with dignity and respect throughout the process of a legal case. We received more from our settlement than we thought possible. I am so thankful we turned to them for help. Excellent.

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Marcus Martinez


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Staff was very professional. Marta made sure everything was submitted and made everything easy for me. Even during Covid they got everything done as quickly as possible.

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Tens of Billions Are Spent
on Auto Accidents Every Year

In 2020, auto accidents caused an estimated
$43.4 billion in economic losses nationwide.

Why You Need a Car Accident Lawyer


When you are involved in a car accident caused by another driver's negligence, that driver's insurance provider is responsible for compensating you for property damage, medical bills and other losses. If their insurance provider refuses to concede that the other driver is at fault, the lawyers at Reed & Terry, LLP can help. We will deal directly with the insurance company on your behalf to obtain just compensation.

The Car Accident Claims Process

Reporting the Car Accident

You must first report a car accident to the police. It is up to both you and the other driver to contact your respective insurance companies. If you believe the other driver is responsible, you should first reach out to an attorney who can speak to both insurance companies on your behalf.

Building Your Case

Your attorney will begin collecting evidence about the accident and its aftermath in order to establish the other party's fault and determine how much restitution you are owed. This evidence will include the police report, your medical records, photos of the accident and accounts from witnesses.

Pursuing a Settlement

Next, your car accident attorney will begin speaking with the other party's insurance company to try and reach a settlement that covers the true extent of your losses. If your attorney and the insurance company can come to an agreement that covers your losses, the claim is considered settled.

Taking Your Case to Civil Court

It is easier for all parties involved to reach an agreement out of court. If this cannot be achieved, the attorneys of Reed & Terry, LLP, will take your case to court. Our law firm isn't looking for a quick fix—we're looking for a fair resolution that will cover losses and help you recover and move forward.

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  • Interstate 69/U.S. Highway 59
  • U.S. Highway 90A
  • State Highway 6
  • Grand Parkway/State Highway 99
  • Eldridge Road
  • Crabb River Road and Thompsons Road
  • University Boulevard
  • Lexington Boulevard

Start the Claims Process ASAP Contact the Lawyers at Reed & Terry, LLP

While you have up to two years to file a legal claim, it's important to get the ball rolling as soon as possible. The personal injury attorneys at our law firm can evaluate your case at no cost and help you obtain compensation. Schedule a free consultation today. Send our car accident lawyers a message or give us a call.

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Cleveland Baker


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I take great pleasure in expressing my appreciation for there outstanding performance while assigned as my attorney. By using this company they save me $7,000.00 Mr. Reed on his own initiative, and became of his profound concern for other, he has made himself available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week to assist me with my case The company as a hold has demonstrated a continuing high degree of professional excellence. 

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Joseph Terraso


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Jack and Marta were outstanding in the handling of our case. They kept us up to date on what they were doing, answered all of our questions and were very professional during this entire ordeal. We would definitely use they again and would not hesitate to recommend they to our friends Thank Jack and Marta and Lori too

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Multiple-Vehicle Crashes

Multiple-Vehicle Crashes

Complex issues arise when multiple vehicles are involved in a crash. These crashes could have many causes and fault may rest with multiple drivers. In domino collisions, a single crash could set off a chain reaction of multiple rear-end collisions. An out-of-control car could strike multiple vehicles and cause numerous collisions as a result.

Multi-vehicle crashes also involve multiple insurance carriers and require detailed accident reconstruction in order to determine liability.

Our personal injury lawyers in Sugar Land, TX, can help sort through these complexities, providing peace of mind as you seek damages for your car accident claim.

Countless Collisions Occur in Texas Each Day Based on 2020 data compiled by the state:

A car accident occurs every 67 seconds.

Someone is injured in a car accident every 154 seconds.

Someone is killed in a car accident every 135 minutes.
Distracted Driver on phone

Distracted Driving
Auto Accidents

Every day, numerous car, truck and motorcycle accidents are caused by drivers who are distracted by texting or talking on a cellphone. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) defines distracted driving as any activity that could divert a person's attention away from the primary task of driving.

Motorists can be distracted by any number of things, including:

  • Texting
  • Talking on a cellphone
  • Fatigue
  • Adjusting the radio
  • Talking to passengers
  • Eating, drinking and smoking
  • Grooming

Driver Distraction Can Be Deadly

In 2019, distracted drivers caused 3,142 deaths.
Drunk Driver

Auto Collisions Caused
by Drunk Drivers

Car accidents can be particularly devastating when you or a loved one has been the victim of a drunk driver. Our Sugar Land, TX, law office helps victims of drunk driving accidents collect full compensation for their injuries.

Drunk driving accidents can occur with commercial or personal vehicles. In either instance, car accident lawyers will work to obtain full and fair compensation for you or an injured loved one. In addition to compensatory damages, we can also seek exemplary (punitive) damages when warranted.

Contact Reed & Terry, LLP

The car accident lawyers at Reed & Terry, LLP can assist with your personal injury or wrongful death claim following a collision. We will hold the other driver accountable for their actions, and can also seek damages from other negligent parties, including the Texas road authorities and local municipalities. For more information, send us a message or call our lawyers in Sugar Land, TX. Our firm serves car accident clients in the greater Houston and Austin area.

More 5-Star Reviews "Experienced, responsive, knowledgeable and honest."


synettra eppenger


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Best accident attorneys in Houston. They fight hard for not only what they believe, but for what they know is right and fair for their clients. Ask me how i know...i was a client!

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Marta Alas


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Jackson Reed and Travis Terry provided the best legal advice and guidance during a difficult situation. I found them to be experienced, responsive, knowledgable and honest. While working with Jack & Travis, I felt as though my situation was in trustworthy hands, and they did not steer me wrong. 

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Thousands of Fatal Accidents Occur Each Year

In 2020 there were 3,896 fatalities
from auto accidents in the state of Texas.

Two women mourning while holding white flowers

Wrongful Death Claims

Losing a loved one in a car accident can be devastating. It can take years to overcome the grief of the tragedy, and its effects on your finances and mental health can be life-altering.

The car accident lawyers at Reed & Terry, LLP can assist families who've lost a loved one in a fatal automobile accident. Damages in a wrongful death claim can cover funeral expenses, pain and suffering, loss of companionship and other hardships that are accident-related.

You can speak with our auto accident lawyers free of charge. If we take your case, you owe us nothing unless we can reach a favorable settlement or verdict. We encourage you to speak with our lawyers in Sugar Land for more information.

Car Accident FAQ

Is Texas a no-fault state or an at-fault state?

Texas is an at-fault state. This means that the insurance provider of the at-fault driver is responsible for paying out your injury claim.

Can I get compensation after a hit-and-run accident?

If you were struck by a driver who did not stop, you may still be able to obtain compensation. Uninsured motorist (UIM) insurance can provide a source of compensation. Before speaking to an insurance company representative, you should discuss your case with our personal injury lawyers. If you or a family member has UIM coverage, you may be able to obtain compensation even if the other driver cannot be located.

What is proportionate responsibility?

Proportionate responsibility is an important concept in personal injury law. It's a variation of comparative negligence statutes in other states. Proportionate responsibility essentially means that a car accident victim can also be held at fault for what happened in a collision. If the victim is more than 50% responsible for their injuries, they cannot collect legal damages from the defendant.

For example, you may not be awarded any damages if a jury finds that your failure to wear a seatbelt significantly contributed to the severity of your injuries in a crash.

What if a vehicle defect caused my car accident?

If your accident was caused by faulty tires, a malfunctioning brake system or other kinds of design or manufacturing defects, our lawyers can help you file a product liability claim. This legal action holds the designer, manufacturer or distributor of a defective auto part accountable for the harm they have caused.

What if I got into an accident outside of Sugar Land?

Reed & Terry, LLP have multiple offices in the Houston area to assist with your personal injury or wrongful death claim. In addition to our office in Sugar Land, TX, you can also speak with our car accident attorneys in Katy and Richmond. Our injury lawyers are here to help.

Helping Clients in Their Time of Need "They are very professional and treat you with respect throughout your case."


Jeni Clark


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Splendid service. Reed and Terry, along with the staff, were very easy and pleasant to work with. They handled my case with so much poise and kept me informed every step of the way, while explaining everything thoroughly. I most definitely recommend their services.

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Deshon Woodard


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I’ve used this Law Firm Twice and I’ll continue to go to them if needed. They are very professional and treat you with respect throughout your case. They are hands on with everything and make you feel comfortable. Reed and Terry is reliable and I thank them for always helping me out

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Reed & Terry, LLP

Reed & Terry, LLP

At Reed & Terry, LLP, our personal injury attorneys have over 50 years of combined experience providing high-quality representation to clients throughout Texas. Our firm is proudly affiliated with prestigious organizations, including:

  • American Association for Justice
  • American Bar Association
  • Houston Trial Lawyers Association
  • Texas Trial Lawyers Association

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