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Burn Injuries

Fire Injury Lawyer Fort Bend County Texas

There are few things in life that can cause such devastation as a fire. Homes and property, personal and family artifacts and other valuable items can be destroyed in a matter of minutes. Even worse, there can be serious injury to you or a loved one, injury that can change your life forever. A lifetime of challenges, both physical and financial can come from the trauma that is experienced from a fire. Although fire is many times caused accidentally, what about in the case of a defective product or negligence? You must protect your interests and the interests of your family by pursuing your legal right to compensation in such a case. To find answers to your questions and seek an examination of your case, you should contact a Sugar Land personal injury lawyer as soon as possible.

Besides the obvious repercussions of lost property and valuables, what sort of direct physical risks can a fire cause to the human body? The most common are burns. Statistics show that nearly 1.1 million people are affected in this country each year due to burn-related injuries. Burns can range in severity from first degree, which affects only the epidermis (outer layer), up to third degree, which affects all layers of the skin. Permanent scarring and nerve damage can lead to physical challenges, deformities and long-term recovery. In addition to burns, you also can stand at risk of complications due to smoke inhalation or the inhalation of dangerous fumes.

Fire & Burn Injury Lawyer in Sugar Land

Why contact an attorney in the case of injury due to a fire? If there has been any sort of negligence in the starting of that fire, you could be entitled to compensation and financial damages. The Reed and Terry Law Firm is well-equipped in all areas or personal injury law and has the experience and tenacity needed to protect their clients' livelihood and interests in what can be a confusing and complex legal system. Their skilled attorneys will work diligently to recover the benefits that are deserved.

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